Flip Lid Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - Eco-Friendly BPA

Forget Commercial Detox Water — Now You Can Make Your Own Fruit-Infused Drinks! 

The Trendy Fruit Water Infuseris the next MUST-HAVE item you need to embrace a healthy lifestyle and promote weight loss.


Save Money On Expensive Commercial Products 

Detox drinks are the newest trend when it comes to healthy beverages. They’re a great alternative to sugary drinks like soda or juice, while still providing you with that little bit of “sweetness”. 

The problem is, most stores charge a fortune for these drinks. But now, you can save all that money and make your OWN fruit-infused detox drinks with this revolutionary water infuser! 

Works With ANY Fruit Or Vegetable 

The best part is it works with ANY fruit or vegetable, meaning your options are limitless. 

Lemon, berries, mint, cucumber, orange, pineapple — you name it! 

The easy-to-use fruit infuser creates separation between fruit and water, preventing skin or seed leakage into the bottle while producing BIG flavor. Take it with you to the gym, the office, or keep it with you in the car so you have it wherever you go! 

Easy To Clean and 100% BPA FREE 

This fruit infuser is SUPER easy to clean. The fruit infuser section comes right out of the bottle, and both sections are dishwasher friendly! 

This product is 100% BPA FREE to ensure health safety and guarantees that no harmful substances or chemicals will leak or absorb into your drink (unlike other water bottles on the market).

 Just add lemon, delicious berries, mint, cucumber, ginger or your favorite fruit and aromatic herbs.  



Additional Specifications:

  • Flip lid top
  • Impact resistant
  • Material: PC Eco-Friendly Plastic
  • Certification: CE / EU, CIQ, EEC
  • Boiling Water: Applicable

    With these FASHION and TRENDY infusion bottles get the boost of nutrients your body needs!!!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    I Love These Bottles

    I Love These Bottles!!!! Several years back I was watching a program segment on new products and saw a steel bottle made with a compartment in it's bottom that had blades to grind your fruit for flavoring your water. I got online and purchased one for my BFF's birthday immediately!

    Refreshing fruit or herb infused water to go

    "Handle folds into lid, attractive design, great option for fruit or mint infused water on the go. very simple design and affordable . all of it is awesome."