4 Healthy and Delicious Detox Drinks You Will Love

September 11, 2017

4 Healthy and Delicious Detox Drinks You Will Love

Regardless of whether you are trying loose some weight or simply wish to feel healthier, a homemade detox drink is indeed your best bet. Detox drinks not only help to cleanse your system of harmful toxins, but also keep you hydrated and your organs nourished from within. Have a look at our list of 4 healthy and delicious detox drinks that you must surely try.

Cucumber Detox Water

Cucumber Mint Detox Water

A quintessential delight made from two of the most refreshing natural ingredients known to man. Just slice a cucumber into 10-15 thin slices in a water jug and add a few leaves of fresh mint to it. Finish it off by adding a pinch of Himalayan salt and a few drops of freshly squeezed lime.

Watermelon mint Detox water

Watermelon Citrus Detox Water

What could be better than a glassful of fresh watermelon and juicy citruses to start your  mornings on a zingy note! This sweet and tangy detox drink can be prepared by combining a cup of freshly-cubed watermelon, one wedge of lemon, one wedge of orange and a few cucumber slices in a water jug. Squeeze half a lemon into your drink and throw in a few ice cubes to make it ultra refreshing.


Ginger Mint Detox Drink

Cool Ginger Mint Detox Water

A variation of your regular cucumber and mint detox water, this concoction also incorporates the wholesome goodness of ginger that has been used as a natural remedy for curing digestion-related problems for centuries. Slice a cucumber and toss it into a water jug along with 2 inches of freshly peeled ginger root, 2 lemon wedges, 10-12 fresh mint leaves and a pinch of Himalayan salt and you are good to go.

Pineapple Lime Detox Water

The gently sweet and tangy flavors of this refreshing detox drink are perfect for  keeping your system cleansed and healthy. Just toss in a few wedges of pineapple and a lemon into a water jug, squeeze in the juice of two freshly-peeled lemons, finish off with a garnish of parsley leaves and enjoy your drink chilled.