The 10-Minute Workout For Rock Hard Abs!

September 18, 2017

The 10-Minute Workout For Rock Hard Abs!

Just 10 minutes of daily hard exercise is all that you need to work on your abs. Your midsection is one of the easiest areas to train without the need of a gym or much equipment. Everything you need to get a solid workout for your abdominal section is in this few simple exercises. 

Do the following exercises for 45 seconds each. Are you ready for this 10-Minute challenge? 

1)Flutter kicks - 45 seconds which gives your abs the right pull and strain to get it back on course to give everyone around the need for a quick envious look at you.

Flutter Kicks

2)Reaching oblique crunch - Hold the back of your head and touch the sides of your calves just 45 seconds and that is all that it takes.

Reaching oblique crunch

3)Pilates’ side hip raises (left) – keep knees close together and raise your hips all the way up whilst resting on your arm.

Pilates’ side hip raises

4)Pilates’ side hip raises (right) the same as above but the other way around.

Pilates’ side hip raises

5)Russian twistsSit up and turn your hips left and right in a circular motion giving every muscle in that area of your abs the right workout it needs. Increase the speed as you go along.

Russian Twist

6)Toe touch crunches– Lie flat on your back and raise yourself trying to catch the toes and do it as consciously as possible giving those abs a good workout.

Toe touch Crunches

7)Pilates’ legpulls (facing down) Holding onto dumbbells and raising the legs one at time.

Pilates leg pull facing down

8)Pilates’ leg pulls (facing up)– Pull the legs up whilst facing up one at a time.

Pilates leg pull face up

9)Pilates’ toe taps Lie on your back, raise your knees up and touch the ground with your toes.

Toe taps

10)Knee tuck crunches– Sit and pull your knees to your chest.  

Knee Tuck Crunches

If you would like to watch a video on this 10-minute Abs Workout, CLICK HERE!